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EP 0814227 B1 2002-09-25 - Metal door frame for use in dry construction

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Metal door frame for use in dry construction

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Metallische Zarge für den trockenen Innenausbau

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Dormant métallique pour murs en construction à sec


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[origin: EP0814227A2] The frame has at least one preferably C-shaped stirrup firmly connected with it on its vertical section, supporting door hinges. One stirrup (11) is provided in the area of at least one, preferably several door hinges (5). The door hinges with their threaded bolts (7) extend to the stirrup and are preferably screwed to the frame and also the stirrup. Preferably, the stirrup in the area of its ends is connected to the frame by welding. The screw-in end of the threaded bolt (7) is formed as a thread cutter, and cuts a thread in the hole of the stirrup when the hinge is screwed into position.

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