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Radial turbine for a turbocharger

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Radialturbine für einen Turbolader

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Turbine radiale pour une turbosoufflante


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[origin: DE19623558C1] The radial turbine is fitted to a turbocharger on a internal combustion engine, and has adjustable guide equipment with at least two separate gas supply channels. The latter can be moved to two different positions, using a guide ring which is formed by one of two control rings (S1,S2) inside a guide cylinder (F) which encloses the turbine blades. The guide equipment consists of the guide ring with the two control rings, and gas supply channels of different cross sections are formed between them by a separating wall (17). The wall has an end area which is larger than the annular channel area of the guide cylinder in the turbine casing (7). The first control ring (S1) has an annular seal (16) between the channel (5b) and the casing, so that a pressure difference from the other annular channel (5a) is created.

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