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EP 0816545 B1 20000202 - Defective weft insertion detection device on a gripper loom

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Defective weft insertion detection device on a gripper loom

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Vorrichtung an einer Greiferwebmaschine zum Erkennen eines fehlerhaften Schussfadeneintrages

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Dispositif de détection d'une insertion de trame défecteueuse sur un métier à tisser à griffes


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EP 96810439 A 19960703

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[origin: EP0816545A1] An apparatus for detecting a defective weft thread insertion in a rapier loom (1) having a rapier head (2) and thread feeds (7a, 7b, 7c) comprises at least two sensors (5a, 5b). The first sensor (5b) is placed to monitor an introduced weft thread (8c) which runs between an introducing feed (7c) and the rapier head. The second sensor (5a) is placed so that it can detect an undesirably inserted weft thread (8b) running between a thread feed (7a, 7b) located in a stand-by position and the rapier head. Also claimed is a rapier loom having the above apparatus.

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