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Ion trapping mass spectrometry apparatus

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Ionenspeicherungsvorrichtung für Massenspektrometrie

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Dispositif de stockage d'ions à des fins de spectrométrie de masse


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[origin: EP0817239A1] A mass spectrometry apparatus having a constitution for attaining analysis with high sensitivity and high resolving power comprising a linear radio-frequency quadrupole ion trap and means for avoiding degradation of analysis performance due to field disturbance caused by an end electrode (13, 14) thereof, where said purpose is achieved by means for forming a harmonic potential in the central axis thereof in whose potential ions are resonantly oscillated to be ejected outside of the ion trap for detection along the axis, or by means to eliminate undesirably degraded signals originating near the ion trap portions that are disturbed by the end electrodes (13, 14). <IMAGE>

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