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EP 0818254 B1 2000-04-05 - Transfer arrangement for metal sheets in a press plant

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Transfer arrangement for metal sheets in a press plant

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Umsetzeinrichtung für Blechteile in einer Pressenanlage

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Dispositif de transfert de tôles dans une installation de presse


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[origin: EP0818254A2] The device has support and guide parts (24,25) with cross struts (33-35), carrying grabs (36-38) for the work pieces. At least one of the struts (34) has a bearing unit. The grab is held on the bearing unit pivoted about a pivot axis, which is at right angles to the transfer direction (T). This strut also carries the drive unit to pivot the grab. A coupling device positioned on the strut between it and the grab, is releasable when required. The strut is non-turnable.

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