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Ink jet nozzle head with multiple block structure

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Tintenstrahldüsenkopf mit mehrfacher Blockstruktur

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Tête à buse à jet d'encre avec une structure de bloc multiple


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[origin: EP0819527A1] Ink jet nozzle head comprising: a channel plate (12) defining a linear array of equidistant nozzles (14) and a number of parallel ink channels (16) each connected to a respective one of the nozzles, and a comb-like array of fingers (26, 28) disposed on one side of the channel plate (12) such that the fingers project towards the nozzle plate, some of the fingers (26) being configured as actuators for exerting mechanical strokes on the ink contained in the ink channels, so as to expel ink droplets from the nozzles, at least one actuator being provided for each nozzle, the other fingers (28) serving as support members for supporting the actuators at the channel plate and receiving the reaction forces of the actuators, characterized in that the fingers (26, 28) constitute a plurality of separate blocks (30), each block comprising one actuator (26) and one or two support members (28). <IMAGE>

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