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Lock having a bolt mounted in a lock casing in which it slides transversely

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Schloss mit einem in einem Schlossgehäuse gelagerten seitlich herausbewegbaren Riegel

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Serrure avec pêne montée dans une boîte de serrure dans laquelle elle coulisse transversalement


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[origin: EP0821124A2] The device has a lock bolt (3.1) which is fixable in a lockable position by a press button mechanism which is operable vertically to the housing plane. After application of an excess lift on the press button mechanism the bolt can be freed from the locking position. In an unlocked state the lock bolt is tensioned by a compression spring (3.4) in an outwardly pushed position, but is backwardly press held against spring force in the lock housing (3.2). The lock bolt has an inclined or rounded formation which works in conjunction with a stop (1.1) and is located so that it is capable of being pushed backwards. The pressure spring may be arranged between a central section of the rear side of the lock bolt and the front side of a stop (3.5) which is fixed to the housing.

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