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Window, door or similar

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Fenster, Tür oder dergl.

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Fenêtre, porte ou similaire


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Abstract (en)

[origin: EP0823532A2] The window or door comprises posts, abutments, rungs etc. at angles between 45 degrees and 90 degrees screwed to a frame profile. A connecting member (1) has an end facing the connecting point and an arc form corresponding to the rolling surface between the limit angles. It is inserted underneath a reinforcement profile (2), between the profile and the end of the hollow chamber profile (4), with which it is connected by a screw (3). In the interior of the connecting member at least one flat screw channel (1b) is provided, the two opposing inner walls of which have a groove structure for the engagement of a fixture screw (6) at different angles. A rib is arranged vertically to the inner walls and has an aperture for the penetration of the connecting screw.

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