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Well stabilisation tool and method

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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zum Stabilisieren eines Bohrloches

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Dispositif et méthode pour consolider un trou de forage


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[origin: EP0823537A1] A well stabilization tool (10) for enlarging and placing a hardenable cementitous material in an unstable subterranean zone or formation (82) passed through by a well bore (80) adapted to be connected in a drill string (84) having a drill bit (86) at the end thereof. The tool (10) comprises a tubular housing (12) having a longitudinal fluid flow passage (14) extending therethrough, having one or more outwardly extending enlarged portions (22) formed thereon whereby the outer surfaces of said enlarged portions (22) are positioned in close proximity to the walls of the well bore (80) and having one or more lateral fluid jet forming ports (24) extending from said fluid flow passage (14) through said enlarged portions (22) of said housing (12) to the exterior thereof. The tool (10) also includes a valve sleeve (30) releasably and slidably disposed within said fluid flow passage (14) of said housing (12), which is moveable between a first position whereby said fluid jet forming ports (24) are closed by said valve sleeve (30) and fluid pumped through the drill string (84) is free to flow through said housing (12) by way of the interior of said valve sleeve (30), and a second position whereby said fluid jet forming ports (24) are opened, the valve sleeve (30) is movable from said first position to said second position when releasably engaged and plugged by an activator plug (50). A method for using the tool (10) is also described. <IMAGE> <IMAGE>

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