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EP 0824176 B1 2003-06-18 - Door check for a motor vehicle door or hatch

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Door check for a motor vehicle door or hatch

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Feststellvorrichtung für eine Tür oder eine Klappe eines Kraftfahrzeugs

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Dispositif d'arrêt pour une porte ou un hayon d'un véhicule automobile


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[origin: EP0824176A1] An end-side stop is provided, and there is an accommodation part with two rotatably located bearing rollers locating on the door holding bar. At least one bearing roller is pressed by the effect of springs against the door holding bar. The springs are covered at least partly by a plastics cover connected to the accommodation part. The stop of the door holding bar in its end position works in conjunction with a damping-elastic locating part. The locating part (16) is formed in a one-piece construction on the cover (15). On the end sections of the bearing bolt (9) of the immovable bearing roller (11) located on the accommodation part (7) a locating part is fitted. The locating parts run at a parallel distance from one another and are formed in one piece on the cover produced by injection moulding.

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