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Apparatus for spine therapy

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Therapiegerät für die Wirbelsäule

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Appareil de thérapie pour la colonne vertébrale


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[origin: EP0824908A1] The leg location (2) takes the form of a saddle roof with two limb locations (5,6) inclined towards one another through approximately 70 to 110 deg. The leg location is vertically adjustable by means of a first motor drive on vertical guides (21) of a slide (30) which for its part is displaceable in common with the leg location on horizontal guides (41) of a support frame parallel to a horizontal lying surface by means of a second motor drive relatively to the lying surface in its longitudinal direction. The drive devices of the two motor drives are reversible. The two motor drives are remotely controllable separately by means of hand switches. The vertical adjustment path of the leg location is limited to approximately 25 to 35 cm.

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