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Low voltage switch gear

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Appareil de commutation à basse tension


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[origin: EP0825629A2] The switching device is of the same type as a domestic light switch for closing and opening on or more switch circuits. The circuits are opened or closed by moving switch members which function as off, change and cross switches. One or two adjustable switch contact members are provided for the changing and cross switching functions. For using with additional switching functions e.g. a serial, push button, double button and off control switches, an insulating slider (17) is provided. The slider (17) electrically separates the adjustable switch contact members (11,12) in the cross switch positions. The insulating slider (17) may have cams which are to be pushed to separate the cross switch position between the adjustable switch contact members and the cross leads. The slider (17) may have movable switch members which aid in separating the cross leads.

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