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EP 0826463 B1 2000-07-12 - Tool for screw threaded fasteners

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Tool for screw threaded fasteners

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Werkzeug für mit Schraubgewinde versehene Befestigungsmittel

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Outil pour fixations taraudées


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[origin: EP0826463A1] A tool (26) is described for a screw threaded fastener that comprises an externally threaded member (11) having an axial bore (23) and radial bores (14) extending through the wall of a threaded portion (13), an internally threaded member having a series of projections (15) extending axially from one radial face, the projections (15) being spaced angularly of one another and a locking pin (21) engaging in one of the radial bores (14) in the externally threaded member (11) and being biased outwardly from the axial bore (23) of the externally threaded member (11) into engagement between a pair of adjacent projections (15) on the internally threaded member (10). The tool (26) comprises a socket member (27) having an annular portion (28) with axially extending formations (29) that co-operate with the axially extending projections (15) on the internally threaded member (10) to transmit torque loads from the socket member (27) to the internally threaded member (10). A radially extending recess (30) is provided in an end face of the annular portion (28) to accommodate the locking pin (21) of the screw fastener and the socket member (26) has a central spigot formation (31) coaxially of the annular portion (28) for engagement in the bore (23) of the internally threaded member (11). The end of the spigot formation (31) is bifurcated and the bifurcation (33) is aligned with the radially extending recess (30) in the end face of the annular portion (28) of the socket member (26). <IMAGE> <IMAGE>

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