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Filling head with vent tube adjustable in height

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Füllorgan mit höhenverstellbarem Rückgasrohr

Title (fr)

Tête de remplissage avec tube de retour de gaz réglable en hauteur


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[origin: EP0826626A1] The filling member includes a valve body (4) governing the outlet (6) from the supply vessel to the container underneath, and a return gas pipe (12) determining the filling level in the container. The return gas pipe is coupled to a friction brake (38) which blocks its longitudinal movement. The friction brake has a piston (40) guided in a cylinder (41) and moved with the return gas pipe. The piston has, as a friction member, a piston ring (42) which is radially pretensioned against the cylinder wall. The friction brake secures the vertical position of the return gas pipe against the forces acting on the pipe during operation.

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