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Device for distributing fuel for a combustion engine

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Einrichtung zur Verteilung von Kraftstoff für eine Brennkraftmaschine

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Dispositif de distribution de carburant pour un moteur à combustion


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[origin: DE19735437A1] The fuel distribution gallery consists of a blind bore (2) in the cylinder head of am internal combustion engine. There are several side-bores (7) through which the fuel flows to injectors for individual cylinders. The bore in the cylinder head contains a sleeve (3) which is supported by outward facing projections (8) between the side bores. The sleeve extends all the way to the end of the blind bore. Fuel enters (10) the open end of the sleeve and travels along the central bore (5) towards the closed end (11). There are holes (6) at intervals through which fuel passes to the annular space between the outer diameter of the sleeve and the inner diameter of the bore.

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