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EP 0829437 B1 20000126 - Arrangement and support for a side-pull-device

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Arrangement and support for a side-pull-device

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Anordnung und Lagerung einer Seitenziehvorrichtung

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Agencement et support d'un dispositif pour le déplacement latéral


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[origin: EP0829437A2] The housing (16) of the mechanism (3) contains bearings and guide members (13). They are held by a spring (26) in guides (7,12). The housing is movable at right angles to the table (1). Rollers, or alternatively a supporting arm, can form the bearings and members, and the spring can be of the leaf type, supporting a roller running against a fixed supporting surface (8) on the frame. The guides can consist of grooves formed in cross-members (4,6) on the table. The cross-members can form a one-piece housing in conjunction with sidewalls.

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