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EP 0831174 B1 20021106 - Process and apparatus for dewatering a fibre suspension

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Process and apparatus for dewatering a fibre suspension

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Verfahren und Vorrichtungen zum Entwässern einer Faserstoffsuspension

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Procédé et dispositif pour la déshydratation d'une suspension fibreuse


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[origin: US6042735A] Process and device for draining a fibrous pulp suspension. The process may include positioning two surfaces to converge in a downstream direction, feeding the fibrous pulp suspension between the two converging surfaces, driving at least one of the two converging surfaces to move the suspension with a relative translational velocity, and draining the fibrous pulp suspension through each of the two surfaces. The device may include two arcuate surfaces positioned to form converging surfaces. One of the two arcuate surfaces may include a drivable, pivotable, and rotatable cylinder having an outer sleeve with openings, the other of the two arcuate surfaces may include a screen positioned to be guided around at least a portion of the outer sleeve. The screen and the openings may form drains for draining the fluid pulp suspension.

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