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Cylinder lock

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Serrure cylindrique


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[origin: DE19639249C1] The cylinder core (4) with keyhole (3) turns in a housing (2), and is locked by tumblers (5) to an enclosing bush (6) on extraction of the key. The core has an overload coupling (7) detaching an output section (8) from it on turning by a wrong key or a tool. The coupling has one or more driving dogs (11,12) sliding in the radial direction and turning with the core, these bearing in the outwards direction against the output section and engaging in recesses in it. The coupling is controlled by a ring (9) sliding in the lengthwise direction but not turning in the housing. Inclined guide faces (21,22) working in the axial direction are formed on the bush end furthest from the keyhole, mating faces on the ring bearing against them. On turning the bush, the ring slides towards the output member until this uncouples from the bush.

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