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Wireless hazard signalling system and method

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Drahtlose Gefahren-Meldeanlage und Meldeverfahren

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Système de signalisation de risques sans fils et procédé


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[origin: EP0729124A1] The alarm system has a central station Ä1Ü that has a receiver and a transmitter Ä11Ü. The receiver is coupled by non contact communication paths to a variety of sensors and detectors, e.g. motion detectors Ä21Ü, contact detectors Ä20Ü, smoke detectors Ä22Ü, temperature and water sensors Ä23Ü. In addition the system has a manual transmitter Ä5Ü, a remote controller Ä8Ü and a code transmitter Ä8Ü. The system also has a universal receivers Ä710, 70Ü for optical and acoustic information. To check the against disturbances the system has a transponder for test signals. Protection against disturbing noise signals is enhanced by the use of two communication signals of different frequencies and the use of a deactivation phase.

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