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EP 0835809 B1 20000112 - Tool for tying an article,particularly a bundle of cables

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Tool for tying an article,particularly a bundle of cables

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Anordnung zum Binden eines Gegenstands, insbesondere eines Kabelbaums

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Dispositif pour encercler un objet, en particulier un faisceau de câbles


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[origin: JPH10147315A] PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a binding apparatus which is not complex without friction likely to occur. SOLUTION: Winding scissors 2, 3 placed on a front of a tool body 1 can be opened/closed and a tape can be guided through the scissors around objects to be bound. A tape guide channel 10 placed on the tool body is opened inside the winding scissors 2, 3 and also has an advancing member for advancing the tape having a tape tab, wherein the channel is adjacent to tape guide grooves 20, 21 inside the scissors. At an opening of the tape guide channel 10, a closure holder for holding a closure 12 and a rocking member 15 for pushing the advanced tape toward a surface 11 of the tape guide channel 10 are placed. The rocking member 15 has a front face forming a part of the closure holders 11, 18.

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US 5205328 A 19930427 - JOHNSON BRETT W [US], et al

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