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EP 0836208 B1 20030102 - Container for a switching device encapsulated in a potting compound

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Container for a switching device encapsulated in a potting compound

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Vergusswanne mit einem zumindest teilweise in Vergussmasse eingebetteten Schaltelement

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Récipient avec un élément de commutation encapsulé dans un produit liquide durcissable


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[origin: EP0836208A2] The switch element is inserted in a casting trough (11) which is filled with a resin mass supplied under pressure via a filling bore (28) at the lowest point, with the air vented via a measuring opening (29). This is used for measuring the level of the injected mass via a laser beam (31) reflected from the surface of the injected mass, for controlling the filling process. The filling bore is closed by a base skin which is opened by the pressure of the injected resin mass and which closes automatically at the end of the filling process.

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