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Apparatus for monitoring the operations of an engine, in particular the engine of a vehicle

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Vorrichtung zur Überwachung des Betriebs eines Dieselmotors, insbesondere eines Kraftfahrzeuges

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Dispositif de contrôle du fonctionnement d'un moteur diesel notamment de véhicule automobile


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[origin: EP0838583A1] The apparatus comprises a controller to monitor vibration of the engine during certain phases of it cycle. A vibration detector (2) delivers a signal to a signal processing circuit (5). A time controller (6) establishes time windows for passage of the vibration signal corresponding to the operating cycle of the engine. A set of characteristics are established for the engine by dividing the amplitude of the vibrations by a reference value delivered by a computer (10). The value is the smallest moving average of vibrations measured from each cylinder. When a measured signal moves too far from the reference a look up table is consulted to determine how many revolutions of the engine are permitted, and the engine cut if this number is exceeded.

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