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EP 0839583 B1 20030122 - Apparatus for spray coating of workpieces

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Apparatus for spray coating of workpieces

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Vorrichtung zum Sprühbeschichten von Objekten

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Dispositif de revêtement d'objects par pulvérisation.


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[origin: EP0839583A2] The assembly for spray coating workpieces, while they are moving on a conveyor, has an initial spray chamber (8) and at least one further spray chamber (12) along the movement path (6), with movement connections at their adjacent sides. The first chamber has an air extraction system, with a suction power set to extract air or powder/air mixture from the first chamber (8) and also draw it from the second chamber (12) through the first (8) for removal. Both chambers (8,12) have openings (22,44) in their side walls (20,40) for the insertion of spray units (24,46,48). At least the wall openings (44) at the second spray chamber (12) can be opened and closed (50) selectively. The width of the second spray chamber (12), at the spray unit entry opening (44), is wider than the end of the chamber against the first spray chamber (8). The second chamber (12) width decreases in a constant wedge shape from the spray entry opening (44) zone to the entry zone from the first chamber (8). All the walls, roofs and floors of the spray chambers (8,12) are of an electrically non-conductive material, and pref. of plastics.

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