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EP 0841259 B1 20000105 - Suspension element for tool with SDS-shaft

Title (en)

Suspension element for tool with SDS-shaft

Title (de)

Aufhängeorgan für Werkzeuge mit einem SDS-Schaft

Title (fr)

Elément de suspension pour outils à manche SDS


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Abstract (en)

[origin: EP0841259A1] The device has a suspension flap with a hole and an elastically deformable ring body to hold the tool shaft. The ring has an internal projection (13) and two or more opposite free spaces (20). The projection is wedge-shaped, and extends over all or part of the ring body length. The flap is connected via webs (15) to the ring body. The ring body also has additional raised parts (18) on the inside, which are smaller than the projection.

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