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Gas distribution box to stove burners

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Gassteuerungskasten für den Brenner eines Küchenherd

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Boîte de distribution du gaz pour les brûleurs d'une plaque de cuisson


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[origin: EP0844440A2] The gas distribution box to the top burners of a stove comprises a sealed gas distribution conduit (5, 6) in the form of a channel formed between a base (3) and a cover (2) superposed plates, inside which the means (8,9,18,18',20) for controlling the individual flow to each burner are enclosed, forming an element (1) which is compact and indivisible and from which only the operating shafts (9) and a common gas inlet and individual outlets connectors (30, 31) emerge. The means for regulating the flow to each burner are a valve (8) with an operating shaft (9), and a bypass screw (20). The valves (8) comprises two superposed flat discs (8a,8b), one fixed and the other rotary, fitted between the base (3) and the cover (2). A pusher (10) cooperates with the operating shaft (9). <IMAGE>

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