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Flexibly applicable die for high pressure forming

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Flexibel einsetzbares Werkzeug zum Innenhochdruckumformen

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Outil pour formage à haute pression utilisable avec flexibilité


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[origin: EP0845312A1] The versatile tool for forming by high internal pressure with use of a tool top section (1) and a tool bottom section (2), with a high internal pressure produced in the latter is characterised by the a) the top tool section containing elements in the form of an axially displaceable punch (7) and/or a die (6); b) a high-pressure space (4) is located in the tool bottom section opposite to the punch and/or the die; c) similarly, this high-pressure space can be shaped by insertion of appropriately shaped elements; d) by means of a bore (5) the space (4) can be joined to a pressure transfer medium; e) by local pressure application the sheet-metal blank (3) can be formed and/or cut by an appropriate choice and form of the tool elements.

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