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EP 0846821 B1 20050119 - Device for checking the user authorization of an access control system

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Device for checking the user authorization of an access control system

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Vorrichtung zur Prüfung der Nutzungsberechtigung für Zugangskontrolleinrichtungen

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Dispositif pour vérifier l'autorisation de contrôle d'accès


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[origin: EP0846821A2] The device has an access-side control device with a storage region for a secret code, a user-side key device which contains a transponder with a storage region for a secret code and something in the control unit to establish the necessary authority for the release of the access device. Information sent out from the transponder, keyed with the secret code is compared with default information stored by the secret code in the control device and access release occurs only when there is agreement. The transponder of the key device contains a further storage region in which car-specific release information of the key device can be filed at the control unit to allow testing by the control unit of whether the key device possesses the authority to be instructed at the control unit.

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