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Vehicle door lock

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Serrure de porte de véhicule


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[origin: EP0849424A1] The tractor door is closed and latched by a door lock with pivoting sprung rotary catches (16) and latching piece which interact to lock the door. An actuating lever (29) acts on the latching piece (33), which pivots on a latch arm (28) about an axis. The arm interacts with an opening lever, which pivots about a second axis parallel to the first. The latch arm and the actuating lever are connected (30) so that they pivot in the same direction. Preferably latching members are formed by recesses or edges on the rotary catch plates and latching piece and the pivoting of the catch plates and the latching pieces causes their engagement. The latching members are undercut so that, when they are released from engagement, the catch pivots against the tension of the catch spring (17).

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