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EP 0851045 B1 2000-05-17 - Rotary dobby and loom with such a dobby

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Rotary dobby and loom with such a dobby

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Rotationsschaftmaschine und Webmaschine mit einer solchen Schaftmaschine

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Ratière rotative et métier à tisser équipé d'une telle ratière


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[origin: EP0851045A1] This new rotary rat-trap loom mechanism comprises an oscillatory section (4) at the level of its blades, coupled to a warp frame (6) and associated with an actuating element (2) mounted freely on the main shaft (1). A moving coupling (8) is carried by the cam plate (3) fixed to the actuator. The moving coupling is spring-loaded (10) to carry out angular liaison between the cam plate and a disc (7) fixed on the main shaft. There are two pivoting levers (11) subjected on one side to the action of the warping mechanism (16) and on the other, to that of the spring (13) tending to close the tips (17) of the levers onto one of the engagements (18, 19) of the plate. The original feature is that, when the levers engage, one of them clears one actuator (16) belonging to the warping mechanism. Also claimed is a loom equipped with the mechanism described.

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