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Soap case

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[origin: EP0853915A1] The present invention relates to a soap case (30) having a receiving portion (32) for receiving a bar of soap (300) in a standing position, and more particularly, to a soap case (30) having a receiving portion (32) for guiding the receiving of the soap (300) in a standing position and a portion formed of intentional curved side surfaces (36) and bottom surface (37) having the function of making point-contact with the received soap (300). The receiving portion (32) has a predetermined varying width (W), greater than the thickness (T) of the bar of soap (300) and less than the width W2 of the bar of soap (300) and varying depth. The bottom surface (37), of the receiving portion (32), has a slope of a predetermined angle toward a front surface (38), i.e. in the direction of receiving the bar of soap (300). A water outlet hole (34) is provided at the lowermost portion of the receiving portion (32) <IMAGE>

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