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EP 0859128 B1 2000-04-05 - Turbine disc with cooling channels

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Turbine disc with cooling channels

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Turbinen-Laufradscheibe mit Kühlluftkanälen

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Disque de turbine avec canaux refroidissement


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[origin: EP0859128A1] The impeller disc has cooling channels (4) going from its edge. These channels open out into disc slots (2) in which air-cooled turbine blades (3) are inserted. Into each slot open out at least two channels coming from the same edge of the disc. Preferably, in each slot, the mouths of two cooling channels lie beside each other in a common plane at right angles to the disc axis. For each slot, two cooling channels are provided that are mirror-symmetric to, as well as inclined to, a plane of symmetry leading in the radial direction from the disc axis to the middle of the groove.

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