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Tensioner and shedding mechanism with such a tensioner

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Spannvorrichtung und Fachbildungsmechanismus mit einer solchen Vorrichtung

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Dispositif de tirage et mécanique d'armure de métier à tisser comprenant un tel dispositif


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[origin: EP0860528A1] The mechanism to move the healds (1), in a Jacquard loom, has a kinetic piston moving in a cylinder (2). he link between the piston and the heald is through the piston rod (10) which is bonded to the piston head and a stirrup round the cylinder connected to the heald. The piston is moved by a pressure (F) in the chamber (5), above atmospheric pressure, and a pull pressure (F') from the heald. Preferably the lower part of the cylinder (2) has the guide (16) for the moving piston rod (10). A number of cylinders (2) are in a row, supplied from a common air supply through a common air channel (6) to all the cylinders in the row. The stirrups, for the cylinders (2) in the row, are at right angles to the main axis of the row. The cylinders (2) are aligned with the openings at the harness board. Each piston (3) carries sealing segments (4). The stirrup is composed of rigid or semi-rigid blades (12a), or of filaments.

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