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EP 0862018 B1 2000-11-29 - Device for mounting a burner in a gas duct

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Device for mounting a burner in a gas duct

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Vorrichtung zur Montage eines Brenners in einer Gasleitung

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Dispositif de montage de brûleurs à l' intérieur d' un conduit de gaz


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[origin: EP0862018A1] The apparatus comprises a fuel injection tube (3) with its tip located in the head (2) of the burner along an axis parallel to that of the duct. The injection tube is situated inside a sleeve (6) which delivers air from outside the duct to the burner head, to which it is fixed, and is situated transversely relative to the axis of the duct. The tip of the tube, situated at the end of a bend in the tube, can be moved along the axis of the duct in relation to a guide aperture in the head. The tube itself can be completely removed from the duct, and is linked to a rotary shaft (8) with a pinion (92) on its end engaging with a rack (10) on the end of the sleeve.

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