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EP 0864519 B1 2003-06-25 - Apparatus to guide webs in a floating manner

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Apparatus to guide webs in a floating manner

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Vorrichtung zur schwebenden Führung von Bändern

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Dispositif pour guider une bande de façon flottante


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[origin: EP0864519A1] The appliance has at least one blowing section (2,3) with suspension jets (11) for blowing processing gas onto at least one side of the web (1). A radial ventilator (7,8) with a 360 degree spiral housing (22) supplies the suspension jets. The radial ventilators blow in a direction (19) parallel to the direction (27) in which the web travels. The current from the radial ventilator at each longitudinal end of each blowing section is deflected in a U-shape to the web.

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