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EP 0864744 B1 2002-12-11 - Improvements to devices for controlling a contactor for a vehicle starter motor

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Improvements to devices for controlling a contactor for a vehicle starter motor

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Verbesserung an Vorrichtungen zum Steuern eines Anlasschützes für einen Kraftfahrzeug

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Perfectionnement aux dispositif pour la commande d'un contacteur de démarreur de véhicule automobile


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[origin: EP0864744A1] The contactor control is applied to a starter motor contactor with a power contact that supplies the electric starter motor and a control winding which controls displacement of the power contact. A microprocessor circuit drives a power transistor which switches the control winding. The microprocessor circuit has the ability to block the power transistor when the fall in voltage (dU) at point at the battery supply potential between two successive instants (T2 and T2+TS) following the closing of the contact switch is less than a given value. The microprocessor circuit has an analog-to-digital converter at the voltage monitoring point.

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