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EP 0865742 B1 2003-06-11 - Foldable fastener for a bracelet

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Foldable fastener for a bracelet

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Faltverschluss für Armbänder

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Fermoir pliant pour bracelets


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[origin: EP0865742A1] The clasp, designed for fastening the two halves (7, 9) of a bracelet, comprises first and second clasp components (1, 2), a cover (5) and a locking mechanism. The clasp components (1, 2) are basically rigid in terms of lengthwise extension and/or deformation, while the lock comprises at least one hook-shaped lug (4.1, 4.2) attached to or forming part of the second clasp component, engaging with a matching projection (1.2, 1.2) on the first component. The hooks and lugs can be thick and solid and able to rotate relative to one another in the form of hinges or, in a variant of the design, the hooks can be elastic and made from sections of tubing.

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