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EP 0865995 B1 2000-01-26 - Thermoplastic packaging item, manufacture and use thereof

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Thermoplastic packaging item, manufacture and use thereof

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Verpackung aus thermoplastischem Kunststoff, ihre Herstellung und Verwendung

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Article d'emballage en matière thermoplastique, sa fabrication et son utilisation


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[origin: EP0865995A1] The package, e.g. for containing an article and an instruction leaflet, consists of two layers (1, 4) of a relatively rigid transparent, translucent or opaque thermoplastic material, e.g. PVC, polystyrene or polypropylene, shaped by thermoforming. One of the layers has a raised portion (3) to contain the article, and the two layers are joined together by interlocking hollow ribs (2a - 2d; 5a - 5d) round their edges. The ribs comprise male and female components which taper at between 60 and 89 degrees, and preferably 75 - 85 degrees, towards their open sides.

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