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EP 0867133 B1 2000-05-17 - Hair clip with profiled teeth

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Hair clip with profiled teeth

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Haarklip mit profilierten Zähnen

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Pince à cheveux à dents profilées


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[origin: EP0867133A1] The hair clip comprises a first jaw (1) with a series of parallel curved teeth (21-23). It has a second jaw (3) with a second series of curved teeth (41-43). A pivot (5) connects the two jaws enabling their pivoting about an axis (6) between open and closed positions. Certain of the teeth have a width (L2) which is reduced at their base. Certain teeth of the first jaw have a maximum width (L1) in the tooth central zone which decreases towards the base of the tooth in the direction of the tooth free end (19). Certain of the teeth have at their base near their free end (L3) a width equal to at least three times their thickness and in their central zone a width (L1) equal to four times their thickness.

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