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Printing apparatus

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Machine d'impression


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[origin: EP0867279A1] A printing apparatus for printing printing- papers with plates is provided with two plate cylinders (11;12), two blanket cylinders (13;14) coming into contact with the plate cylinders respectively, one impression cylinder (15) coming into contact with these blanket cylinders, an image recording part (25) for recording images on the plates on a prescribed image recording position, and a mechanism (31;32) for moving the two plate cylinders between the image recording position and printing positions respectively. Thus, the image recording part and a mechanism for feeding inks to the plates can be arranged on separate positions not interfering with each other, and a space for arranging these members can be readily ensured. Further, it is possible to record images on plates held on first and second plate cylinders with a single image recording part, whereby the printing apparatus can be simplified and the cost for the overall apparatus can be suppressed. <IMAGE>

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