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EP 0867401 B1 2000-02-02 - Spout arrangement for emptying containers, drums in particular

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Spout arrangement for emptying containers, drums in particular

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Auslaufvorrichtung zum Entleeren von Behältern, insbesondere Fässern

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Dispositif d'écoulement pour la vidange de conteneurs, en particulier de fûts


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[origin: EP0867401A1] The draining device has a drain aperture (2) at the bottom, in which a fluid-tight auxiliary drain (3) can be inserted, with a cap (4), the upper part of which has a bulge in the direction of the flow, and the lower part a fluid entry aperture (6). The auxiliary drain has a drain connected (7) joined to the cap. This connector projects beyond the outside of the barrel. Its cross section is basically the same as that of the drain aperture. This projection may be in the form of a convex moulding.

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