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EP 0867541 B1 20000301 - Method for making a plied yarn in a combined spinning-twisting process

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Method for making a plied yarn in a combined spinning-twisting process

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Verfahren zur Herstellung eines Zwirns in einem kombinierten Spinn-Zwirn-prozess

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Procédé pour fabriquer un fil retors dans un processus combiné de filature et retordage


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EP 97104482 A 19970315

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[origin: EP0867541A1] To produce a twisted yarn, in a combined spinning/twisting process, at least two spinners (52,53) each deliver spun yarns (a,a') which are fed to a centering point on the axis of a two-for-one twister. They are twisted initially in one direction to pass to a second centering point to be given an opposed twist. They pass through the second centering point within a yarn balloon between the centering points to be wound on to a bobbin (22) with is rotated within the yarn balloon.

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