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EP 0870718 B1 2003-06-25 - Gripping device for anchoring a lift cabin

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Gripping device for anchoring a lift cabin

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Einrichtung zum Festsetzen einer Aufzugskabine

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Dispositif de maintien de cabine d'ascenseur


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[origin: EP0870718A1] The lift cage is connected by a fixture mechanism (24,26,27,34) to the track (5). The mechanism includes a detachable clamping element (13) manually connectable to the track. The chassis supporting the lift cage has grooved blocks (27) inserted into anchor grooves on the track. The grooved blocks are positioned on screws (34) supported by the main body (24). A compression spring coaxial with the screw in the main body automatically pulls the grooved blocks out of the anchor grooves when the screw is loosened. A handle (26) with sleeves (37) for bolts (38) is positioned on the main body. Compression springs (39) on the bolts and coaxial with them push the main body from a support plate.

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