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Sensor device for force measurement

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Aufnahmeadapter zur Kraftmessung

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Dispositif de détection pour mesurer la force


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[origin: EP0878878A2] The reception adapter has a multiple of force sensors (14, 16), housed in a lower part (12) connected with the force receiver e.g. a crimping punch, acted on with a force in a loaded condition. For the prodn. of an electrical evaluatable signal as a reaction to the loading. An upper part (10) is provided at a distance to the lower part (12) in the loading direction, and works in conjunction with the force transmitter eg. the crimping press. The force sensors are so arranged and designed, that they are loaded bending moment free in the loading condition and besides the multiple of force sensors (14, 16), otherwise no frictional connection results between the lower part (12) and the upper part (10).

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