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EP 0881318 B1 2002-09-25 - Finishing treatment device

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Finishing treatment device

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Vorrichtung zur Finish-Behandlung

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Dispositif pour treaitement de finition


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[origin: EP0881318A2] The machine is used to finish a garment. It has cut-outs (6a,6b) for the suction (2) and blower (3) openings of the fan (1) at a gap from each other with a connecting channel (8) sliding between them. The connecting channel is structured at one end side to lie at the suction opening in a pressure seal fit to be laid at the suction opening. Its other end side is structured to lie at the suction cut-out (6a) in a pressure seal fit when the other side is at the suction opening (2). It is in a pressure seal fit at the blower cut-out (6b) when the other side is at the blower opening. A drive (9) moves the connecting channel between the suction and blower openings.

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