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EP 0882659 B1 2000-07-19 - Blast-resistant litter bin

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Blast-resistant litter bin

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Explosionsicherer Abfallbehälter

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Borne de propreté securisée.


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[origin: EP0882659A1] The litter bin, for use in public places, consists of two cylinders (1,2) fixed to a base (5). Both cylinders are open at the top and bottom, the inner one (2) acting as a holder for a receptacle, and the outer one separate from the inner one and set at a distance from it so that it can contain any deformation of the inner container resulting from an explosion inside it. The two cylinders (1,2) are connected to the base (4) by legs (4), and are located concentrically, with the outer cylinder taller than the inner one and positioned so that any fragments from the explosion are directed downwards at an angle of less than 45 degrees. The inner cylinder is made from steel or titanium, and the outer one of steel, a light alloy or a composition material.

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