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Wiping element for vacuum cleaner nozzles

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Abstreifelement für Staubsaugerdüsen

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Elément d'essorage pour des suceurs d'aspirateur


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EP 97109999 A 19970619

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[origin: EP0885586A1] A wiper element for a vacuum cleaner nozzle consists of a brush bar (2) and a scraper blade (3) made of an elastomeric material which with the brush bar forms a functional unit that can be fastened in a groove on the underside of the vacuum cleaner nozzle. The blade has a smooth wiping edge protruding on the bottom side from the brush bar as well as openings (6) in a row above the edge in the longitudinal direction. The brush bar is provided with notches in the region of the openings. The blade consists of a head-side thickened bit (8) and a moulded flexible stripping lip on it. The thickened bit lies on the brush bar and the lip, which contains the wiping edge and the openings, is aligned at a distance from the bar, and is freely movable.

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