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EP 0891863 B1 2001-12-19 - Method and device for controlling a printing machine

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Method and device for controlling a printing machine

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Verfahren und Anordnung zur Steuerung einer Druckmaschine

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Procédé et dispositif de pilotage d'une machine d'impression


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[origin: EP0891863A2] The method for controlling a printing machine, with which across corresp. control facilities, different operating conditions esp. different speeds are adjustable. Also selected for the respective parameters characterising the respective operating conditions, esp. the printing speed are determined by an evaluation and monitoring unit (32). Between two specifiable time points, the standstill times of the printing machine (10) due to conditions of disturbance, as well as at least one characteristic parameter of a material printed between the specifiable time points of the machine (10), are determined by the evaluation and monitoring unit (32). The parameters are set in relation to each other and at least partially are stored. Form the data obtained by the evaluation and monitoring unit (32), depending on the type of material to be respectively printed, a printing speed is determined optimally matched to the specifiable or selectable second criteria.

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