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EP 0891909 B1 2002-12-18 - Streamlined two level driving cab vehicle

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Streamlined two level driving cab vehicle

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Stromlinienförmiger Doppelstock-Steuerwagen

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Voiture - pilote carénée à deux niveaux


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[origin: EP0891909A1] The control or drive carriage has a closable driver cabin (11), and a passenger compartment (7). The driver cabin is arranged centrally to the longitudinal axis of the train, and at floor height, to lie between the height specified by the structural height of the chassis and the floor height of the top storey. The space (21) under the driver cabin is provided for the installation of engineering units. The driver cabin is accessible over a second side gangway, which is arranged lying opposite to a side gangway, leading to the forward passenger compartment (7). Steps are provided between the second side gangway and the driver cabin.

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