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EP 0892381 B1 20040128 - Method and telematic equipment for determining traffic information

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Method and telematic equipment for determining traffic information

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Verfahren und Telematikgerät zur Ermittlung von Verkehrsinformationen

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Procédé et appareil de télématique pour la détermination d'information sur la circulation


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[origin: EP0892381A2] The data is detected by sensors located in the vehicle and are communicated from the vehicle with a transmitter unit. Sensor signals occurring in vehicles ahead in the traffic are made available for warning on-coming traffic. The sensor signals are from e.g. crash sensors, sensor of a warning blinker when a car has a breakdown or brake sensor. The vehicle transmits its own and received sensor data together with position data to a central control which processes the sensor data and transmits traffic warnings to the connected vehicles. The sensors (1) are connected to inputs of an interface unit (2). A vehicle bus (3) is connected to the interface to communicate traffic relevant data. The interface is connected with a processing unit (4) which tests the sensor data for its relevance. Relevant sensor data are transferred via a transmitter/receiver unit (5) to the transmitter/receiver units (5,6) of following cars. The processing unit has a mobile radio module (7) connected to transfer its own sensor data and received sensor data via a service provider to a central control to process and provide warnings.

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