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EP 0893543 B1 20021113 - A recessed cistern for a dual control flushing system

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A recessed cistern for a dual control flushing system

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Unterputzspülkasten für eine Doppelkontrolle eines Spülsystems

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Citerne encastrée pour un contrôle double d'un système de chasse d'eau


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[origin: EP0893543A1] A recessed cistern for a flushing system for sanitary use, including a cistern body or tank (2) for containing the water, a support frame (5) mounted in the upper part of the tank (2) and which supports a control device (1) for opening the water outlet valve; the control device (1) is, in turn, manually operated by an external actuator element, for example, a rocking switch connected to a rod (22) hinged to an angle lever (9) of the control device (1); according to the invention, depending on the installation requirements, the cistern has two openings through which the aforesaid control device (1) passes, one horizontal and the other vertical, possibly closed by reduced portions, and the outlet valve can be operated through both of the said apertures, as the angle lever (2) includes two pairs (10) and (11) of substantially perpendicular arms in which the arms of each pair have hinge seats (24, 25) in which the rod (22) can be selectively engaged, depending on the type of operation of the cistern. <IMAGE>

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